Friday, April 4, 2008

Old Time Light

This is an artistic depiction of Heceta Head Lighthouse which is named for Don Bruno Heceta who in 1775 was sailing for the Royal Spanish Navy en route to the Arctic Circle claiming territory for Spain. Once he reached the Columbia River, the expedition turned back due to many of his sailors being sick with scurvy, but he journaled about this headland formation which is named for him. The lighthouse was constructed over a century later, the light being automated in 1963.

The painting is a watercolor I began some time ago and put aside unfinished, only to pick up today to work on it again, and so it became my offering for Painting A Day. It is now a mixed media piece with the addition of some acrylics over the top to add interest. On a quarter-sheet of Arches Cold Press Watercolor paper, it measures approximately 11 x 15 inches.

It can be found in my Etsy shop: DreamON . (Yes, you can click on it.)

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