Friday, April 25, 2008

Jumpin Grande Joe

This collage came about as the result of my testing a new product I had bought a few months ago. The store demo of Pinata Colors I saw, with these denatured alcohol mixed colors, was done on a very small scale. The clerk had a small piece of wood on one end of which had been applied a piece of felt. She dropped a few beads of a couple colors onto a card, wiped around with the felt dauber, and presto there appeared some beautiful stained-glass appearing designs on the paper which were enhanced by applying the Pinata extender. She also made it look even more wonderful by using a gold metallic marker.

An inherent issue with this media seemed to be the fact that the little bottles of color seemed too small to use in a larger project , so I decided to use some thinned out red acrylic in addition and add the extender to all of them. My additional red color didn't react the same way as the Pinata colors which the bottle said are indelible in water, transparent, permanent and acid free, but I did like the way the white Pinata color worked especially well.

The project turned out to be a collage of cut up watercolor coffee cups added. I called the painting Jumpin Grande Joe, because when I decided to enhance the rhythm of the composition by angling the coffee cups and sugar bowl. I used repetition in the figure 8's and the curves of the cup handles, and I varied the line width of the calligraphy. The mostly-warm composition is enhanced by the cool and cooler blue coffee cups. The black coffee cup, as center of interest sits adjacent to a larger light which with the white calligraphy takes up about 25 percent of the mid-value background. The yellow string adds another point of interest and texture variation.

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