Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Painting This Afternoon On My Deck

This afternoon was lovely, and I decided I wanted to be outside and paint out there, so I did. Painting outside presents all sorts of challenges to the artist. First of all, we just naturally want to paint everything we see, and it's harder to narrow our focus. The light changes rapidly. The wind blows and dries our paint much faster. At least on my deck, there are no bugs, flies and bees. But given all the distracting conditions, it's just nice to be outside, so why not paint?

This is the way the palm trees look. I can't see the bottoms above the railing of my deck, but I decided to put the ducks in the second they landed. This one's called Iffy Afternoon On My Deck. It looked like rain was a possibility with the little dark clouds up there.

This one was also fun to do. I put a yellow wash down and painted into it with a few colors while it was still wet. Then I began to describe the outside edges while the inside dried. It's called Palm Fronds From My Deck.

These paintings are both very close to 11 inches square and painted in watercolor.

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1 comment:

Matab said...

I simply love the cloudy skies and beach picture...it looks like my favorite weather. Your art doesnt only show talent... each feels like a moment in time that a person forgot to appreciate.

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