Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tropical Vision - Painting A Day

Had a busy day today, and didn't have as much time to paint, so I got a late start on my daily painting. I switched back to into watercolor mode to create this Tropical Vision. This wasn't for any particular reason, other than it had been a little while since I had painted in watercolor.

There is not too much to mention about techniques, because there is nothing that departs from a pretty traditional watercolor. The sky was painted on a wet surface. The palm trees were painted with a palette knife and a rigger brush. the water was painted with a dry brush technique and then glazed when the first layer dried.

The dimensions of this piece are 10 x 15 inches. Materials used are watercolors and just a bit of gouache.

This painting is for sale in my Etsy shop: DreamON (Click on the image or the highlighted name DreamON to be automagically transported there.)


Simply Sentimental said...

BEAUTIFUL...I can just see myself sitting on the beach looking out into the water...Your talents are amazing...

picciolo said...

hi, great painting, love 'spring fling' below too!
: )

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