Monday, April 7, 2008

On The Spot

Producing a painting a day does tend to create some perplexing moments for me. There are paintings of size and complexity that cannot be finished in a day. So then I start another, smaller painting. There are other paintings which do not turn out well, so I either push ahead and continue working, or I put them aside for another day. (Sometimes that day doesn't come for months. It has to talk to me.) Of course, there are days that I shouldn't even begin to pick up a paintbrush! In any event it challenges me and has a tendency to make me want to produce more, and that is a good thing.

On the Spot is the painting of the day. I was going to call it Left Behind, but I discovered I had already titled one by that name. This painting is on a 5 x 7 x 1-inch little canvas. The sides are painted, and it does not need a frame. I will take some additional photos to show 0ther views tomorrow, but I have sent this painting up to Flourish Boutique, a new shop opening June 1 in South Bend, IN. Look for it there.

Today I made some changes to another painting I've had on the blog for quite sometime, Babette from the Fashion Divas Series, and I will put them, before and after, side by side. I had had a critique on that one, and the consensus was to stop. It was done. I was never pleased, and my husband had made one of THOSE remarks, so after a couple of months had passed, I decided to change it. I think I like the new version better. (I did have to use a flash on the photo, because it was after dark, so the photo quality is not quite as good this time though.

What do you think? Before, or after?

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